About Us

  • Suncastle Designs Ltd. is a full service 3D architectural design firm creating plans for custom homes & residential renovations. We develop a wide scope of designs including: Built Green technologies, I.C.F. construction, rammed earth construction, timber-frame, Passivhaus, and log homes.

    Our Philosophy :

    The "not-so-big-house" is a common theme that most of us are now used to hearing. However, we also believe in the "not-so-big-ego". We prefer to abandon the concept of the architect/designer as the sole creator who seeks to fulfill his/her fantasy through the design of your home. We have a wide range of design flexibility. And often much of this can be attributed to the home-owner's input, with the end product resulting as a collaboration of efforts. We place a high emphasis on communication and listening. All design ideas are presented as full colour 3d renderings. Experience shows us beyond any doubt that this is the best way for people to fully understand their proposed space. We are flexible as to the extent of detail and cost that is required in both the design phase and the detailing phase of the project

  • Our Tommie Award Winning Design Team

  • Terry R. Cormack
    Certified Architectural / Engineering Technologist
    Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Alberta
    Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
    30 years design experience
    Owner / Operator of Suncastle Designs Ltd.

  • Marie Gale
    University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
    Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta
    Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta
    20 years design experience with Suncastle Designs Ltd.

  • Our Builders :

    Suncastle Designs Ltd. has worked with, and continues to admire the work of many talented home builders in the South Okanagan such as:

    A. Murray Construction, A.K.M. Custom Homes, Blackhawk Contracting & Design, Carsten Construction, Homescape Building and Design, Okanagan Custom Homes, Ricciuti Enterprises, Ritchie Contracting & Design, Rivendell Homes, Ruhland Design & Construction , Serenity Builders, Solaris Custom Homes, Solum Rammed Earth, and West Built Construction.

    The highest concentration of our work is in the areas of Penticton, Summerland, and the Naramata benches, but we also service other areas of the South Okanagan Valley such as Oliver, Osoyoos, and Rock Creek.

    We are capable of working with clients who reside anywhere. If you are outside our area we can still walk you through your home design on your computer, in full 3D detail, from the comfort of your home using our web-meeting software.